Thursday, March 17, 2011

TOP 10 New Lawyers - 2010 Bar Exam

Here are the top examinees in the September 2010 Philippine Bar Examination administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

1. SINGZON JR. CESAREO ANTONIO S., Ateneo de Manila University, 89.00%

2. JAVIER, FILEMON RAY L., Ateneo de Manila University, 86.95%

3. TOLENTINO, PAOLO CARLO C., Arellano University, 86.80%

4. ANCOG, JANETTE R., Ateneo de Davao University, 85.90%

5. SUNGA, JOHANA T., Ateneo de Manila University, 85.85%

6. POBLACION, KRIZELLE MARIE F., University of the Philippines, 85.65%

7. ORTUA, MARIA CHRISTINA C., University of the Philippines, 85.05%

    UY, KRYSTAL LYN T., University of the Philippines, 85.05%

8. CAPONES, JOANNA EILEEN M., University of the Philippines, 84.80%

9. GAN, WILLIAM BENSON S., Ateneo de Manila University, 84.75%

10. CARAMPATANA, GLENN C., University of San Carlos, 84.55%

      SALIPSIP, DARREL L., Arellano University, 84.55%

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