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Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursin...                                 Image via WikipediaMore or less than a hundred thousand examinees are monitoring the outcome of the December 2010 Nursing Board Exam in the Philippines. The result is expected to come out late February or early March this year, 2011. While you are waiting for the exam think about the following points.

What if I passed the exam what's next?

Majority of Nursing Board Examinees wanted to work abroad for a better salary. Are you one of those? If yes, then try to think of steps you ought to take or start to take NOW to reach that goal. Sadly, the landscape of nursing job accross the globe has changed through the years. As the number of professional nurses increases (at an astounding rate), the supply is almost is catching up with the demand.

With the decrease in demand and continues surge in supply, the requirements for finding a job that fits Nursing profession has become stricter than ever. That's true with the local hospitals and clinics and even more for job outside the Philippines.

Think about the skills you need to have in order to stand out of the stiff competition. What certifications do I need to have and what are my plans to get those? Waiting for the result and not moving can be a waste of precious time.

What if I FAILED the NLE last December 2010?

The truth is, only 30-40% passes every nursing board exams in the recent years? Last year for instance, only 37, 527 out of 94,462 (40%) passed the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam. What will happen to the 37, 527 newly licensed nurses is not yet certain, in general. And how much more about those remaining 56, 935 who failed? What is your contingency plan if the result is not favorable? Will you retake in the next phase of Nursing Board Exam, probably June 2011? How about budget considerations?

Thinking about these points may be worthwhile and is a useful way of utilizing the idle time nursing examinees are having while waiting for the result.

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